Are wristwatches an investment?

Investing in watches is a great way to earn money, especially if you already have unused money: For example, since the 1970s, the price of a Rolex has never depreciated, because the demand for luxury watches far exceeds the number of units produced.
Scarcity always creates value, and the market for luxury watches is no different, and prices go up as a result.

It has gotten to the point where certain models have a six-year waiting list if you try to buy them directly from the manufacturer and its official dealers.
The solution for those who want the watch right away is to pay a premium to speed up the process or buy from someone else.
When companies see prices go up in the market, they raise the list price to follow the increase, and that is why prices keep going up, because the market determines the rate.

In addition, investing in a luxury watch is ideal for those who want quick access to their assets-the market allows them to sell the watch quickly.

Indeed, these are flexible assets that can be converted back into cash quickly and safely, plus they are insurable!

Moreover, luxury watches are a perfect legacy: as Patek Philippe said, “One never owns a luxury watch. One merely treasures it for the next generation.”

This is because high-quality watches are built to last and are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. They are symbolic of the people who own them and tell their story even when they are gone.