Collecting wristwatches:
Tips for choosing the right models, what to consider before a purchase

Those who want to collect watches are most likely fans of good taste and also of mechanics, given the special internal mechanism of these devices, sometimes a true masterpiece of miniaturized engineering. Of course, in addition to the classic use of wristwatches, it is also possible to collect them and display them in one’s home, and then show them to relatives and friends. However, when entering this market one has to consider a couple of things that, very often, go out of sight and caught up in the eagerness to collect it can happen to make wrong purchases.

It follows then that watches as an investment or as an heirloom to keep are a very good idea but, in order to buy a vintage or luxury wristwatch, one has to be careful: with the age of digital communication and transaction, it has become very easy to find and buy rare pieces, but there is always the risk of buying a counterfeit watch and having, therefore, a very bad return.

What to consider when buying a collectible watch

For those who want to collect luxury watches, there are some practical tips to follow. First of all, it is essential to always request with the purchase all the certification of authenticity and quality of the product, which is welcome if the seller of the wristwatch can also show it. In addition, one should always carefully assess the condition and general state of the watch, also paying attention to various characteristic signs, such as particular marks in the dial, or progressive numbers that indicate the authenticity of the product and its belonging d a specific line. Watch manufacturers usually always mark production progressives for all the rarest lines.

How to become a watch collector

As mentioned, collecting watches as an investment or for simple personal pleasure is a legitimate practice that anyone can approach, taking special care, however, to possess the basics. First and foremost, in fact, you need to know the way mechanism clocks work, so that you always give the impression that you know what you are talking about. Within a watch are the barrel, balance, time train, and escapement. Delving into these elements will make people grow and improve their ability to approach rare pieces. Next, to begin collecting wristwatches one must start with very affordable and, therefore, more readily available systems that do not cost much. At this stage, you also need to practice maintenance procedures and mechanisms. Finally, after a period of time, one can move on to actual collecting, increasing the budget according to one’s needs.

By following this small guide, people will perforce become fans of vintage watches and their desire to collect them will increase exponentially.